Is golf for everyone?

When people talk about golf, they most probably make an association with the wealthiest part of the society, knowing that this game requires a lot of finances in terms of equipment, courses and club taxes. But is it also possible for the members of the ordinary community to afford to get into this sport without any obstacles?

Of course, the first thing we have to mention is that it depends on the location where the facility is situated. This goes hand in hand with the type of the terrain. The more private it is, the higher the charge you will pay. Let`s start with public courses. It is needless to mention that the fees for them will be the lowest from the list. We can divide them into two types: daily-fee and municipal courses. The first ones are usually owned by private companies and the price can vary from around $25 per 18 holes up to hundreds of dollars depending on factors like upkeep and architecture. The second ones are the property of the cities or towns, where the fee can even reach less than $10 to walk.


Luxury always means peace and quiet

On the other hand, we will pay attention to the modern and luxurious resort courses, which are actually open for all, but the fact is that it is extremely expensive using them. It is quite reasonable having in mind that they are natural and enormous. Usually, businessmen, managers CEOs, etc. are interested in this sport exactly because they need to spend some time in a quiet and peaceful environment away from the fast-paced life. Maybe an average person cannot imagine what it would be like being responsible for the progress and profit of a company and for managing hundreds of employees. In such occasions, golf sounds a really good idea for entertainment.

As per the equipment – it is not such a big deal for most of the golfers to possess it as there are plenty of variations in the prices and quality. Here are some examples if you have a weak wallet and you cannot afford brand new stuff, taken from eBay:

  • A used golf bag – around 20 dollars;
  • 3 wood – about 100 dollars;
  • Glove – 10 dollars;
  • Balls – 15 dollars;
  • Demo irons – 250 dollars.

For sure, if you are looking for the cheapest equipment, you will not afford a caddy, which will save you a large amount – between $300 and $700. If money isn`t a problem for you, be prepared to pay at least $3000 for your gear.

In general, we can call each sport quite expensive but there is always an option if you have the ambition and you love what you do. Everything in our lives depends on the priorities we follow, so the myth that golf is only for rich people can be destroyed regardless of social status. It is entirely your choice whether you consider golf as expensive or not. The same goes for a lot of other temptations modern life can offer.